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Success Stories

Success Stories

We applaud the many KKH teams who have created and deployed their innovations in the hospital and beyond. These inventions are delivering better patient care, cost-effectiveness and staff satisfaction on a daily basis.

(a) Spirobooth for Paediatric Respiratory Spirometry: A novel, self-contained, purpose-built booth to allow spirometry to be performed safely with strict infectious control requirements. Leading to no disruption to patient care during COVID and post-COVID.

(b) Virtual Reality for Medical Training in Neurosurgery, Women’s Anaesthesia, Orthopedics and Nursing.

(c) 3D Printing for patient pre-operative preparation and patient education in paedetric Orthopedic, Dental, Plastics, Cardiology and Cranial reconstruction in KK. 3D models created are then printed out for planning or to educate patient’s on the objective of surgery.

(d) Telehealth at KKH

Telehealth at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) connects patients with their Healthcare Professionals via digital means, enabling patients to receive convenient and accessible healthcare wherever they are.

Using a digital device, such as a computer or smartphone, patients with select conditions are able to have a private and comprehensive teleconsultation with their Healthcare Professional, without having to physically visit the hospital.

(e) Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Automation of data extraction, cleaning and reporting reduced time taken by a Principal Embryologist to generate a report, by 80%. RPA will be expanded hospital-wide to support clinical productivity.


  1. Singhealth Healthcare Management Congress 2023 – Merit Award: Voicebot 
  2. Singhealth Healthcare Management Congress 2022 – Merit award: Spirobooth
  3. Singhealth Healthcare Management Congress 2022 – Poster: Increasing Nursing Productivity with Continuous Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring
  4. Medical Fair Asia 2022 uSine – Straits Times: These healthcare start-ups are shaking up the industry by going digital
  5. Asian Hospital Management Awards 2022 - CHAMPS
  6. Asian Hospital Management Awards 2018 – Gold award: Automated Hand Hygiene Notification Machine Learning System


  • Annual Quality Improvement Forum

  • School of Science and Technology X KKH Mentorship Programme

  • CEO-CMB Forums (Quarterly)