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Bill Payment

You may now pay your medical bills using the following modes:

Understanding your Bill

The bill format has been revised since 5 November 2021. It is consistent with all other public healthcare institutions.

The current bill format:

  1. Standardises information presented in healthcare bills across healthcare institutions and care settings.
  2. Clearly indicates the pre-and-post subsidy costs, and how various financing schemes will help you to pay for the remaining amount.
  3. Provides options on bill payment methods, including an SGQR code for online payment for added convenience. Patients can also access their bills and make payments on HealthHub.

Features on the New Bill:

NOTE: The bill shown below is for illustrative purposes only. Your actual bill may differ based on your medical treatment.

What the terms mean
Refers to charges for stays in the Wards.
Daily Treatment Fee
Comprises the doctor's fees.
Immediate Post Operative Care These are charges that are incurred while the patient is in the recovery bay area after a surgical procedure. During this time, the patient is closely monitored by the anaesthetist and nurses.
Laboratory InvestigationsServices requiring laboratory work such as full blood count etc.
X-ray Investigations
Refers to services relating to diagnostic imaging eg ultrasound, CT scan etc.
Specialised InvestigationsRefers to specialised services such as blood typing and screening.
Ward Procedures
Comprises supplies and staff involved in a procedure.
Medical ConsumablesRefers to medical supplies provided and used in the ward, operating theatre etc eg sterile gloves, syringe.
Surgical SuppliesThese are consumables used for a surgical procedure.
Rehabilitative ServicesRefers to services that help to aid recovery eg physiotherapy, occupational therapy.
Drugs/Prescriptions/InjectionsPrescribed medications, drugs and injections.
Other proceduresOther services such as HIV screening.
Miscellaneous Non-Treatment relatedRefers to items such as visitor's meals and ambulance charges.
Facility FeeCharges for the use of facilities such as the operating theatre .
Surgeon FeeFees applicable to the surgeon.
Anaesthetist FeeFees applicable to the anaesthetist.

Billing Enquiries

Payment and Refund Enquiry

Submit Enquiry via Online Form
(Please include the case number or tax invoice number in your enquiry submission).

Other Billing Services: Chat with our KKHelpBot.

​If you require a copy of your physical bill, you can request for it here: ​
Request for physical bill