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Charges and Payment

Inpatient Charges – Women

Inpatient Ward Type A1 Ward Type B1 Ward Type B2+ Ward Type B2 Ward Type C

Amount starting from (S$)

Daily Ward Fee533.95273.95179.0083.0035.00

Day Surgery



Amount starting from (S$)




  • Bed charges quoted are inclusive of 7% GST which is applicable to private patients only.
  • The prices above are stated for Singapore Citizens. The prices may differ for Permanent Residents, Foreign Residents and Non Residents.
  • Bed charges for Ward Type B2+/B2/C are estimated based on the maximum subsidy level for Singapore Citizens and may vary depending on patient’s eligibility.
  • Bed charges DO NOT include other hospital charges (e.g. Daily Treatment fee, medication, laboratory and imaging tests etc.)
  • All rates are subject to revision without prior notice.

Antenatal care (Admission)
Admission for antenatal care (mother admitted for problems occurring during pregnancy)

Breast lump removal/biopsy
Surgery to remove breast lump (lumpectomy)

Delivery (Caesarean section)
Admission for delivery by Caesarean section; no serious complications

Delivery (Normal)
Admission for normal (vaginal) delivery

Hysterectomy (surgical removal of the womb) for non-malignant (benign) conditions
Hysterectomy (surgical removal of the womb) for non-malignant (benign) conditions; no serious complications

Lumps and bumps removal (Sebaceous cysts, lipoma)
Removal of benign skin tumours such as sebaceous cyst and lipoma

Menstrual disorders (Diagnostic procedures)
Diagnostic procedures (dilatation and curettage and/or diagnostic hysteroscopy) for menstrual disorders

Ovary, uterus and related tissues (Surgery to remove non-malignant (benign) lesions)
Surgical removal of benign lesions from ovary, uterus and neighbouring tissues like uterine polyps and ovarian cysts

The estimated total hospital bill size for these conditions / procedures and others not listed here are also available at the Ministry of Health website.