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Anchor programme

In partnership with Temasek Foundation, KKH’s Division of Medicine is piloting the Anchor programme to optimise the health and overall well-being of children from vulnerable families who are exposed to challenging circumstances or traumatic events, through a coordinated system of support.

Challenging occurrences or traumatic events experienced in early childhood – especially in the first three years – could adversely affect cognitive development, behaviour and emotions, and consequently health in adulthood. The programme therefore provides developmental and behavioural support for children aged 0 to 3, who had undergone such experiences and were seen at KKH, as they are at an increased risk of having developmental or behavioural problems.

Under the programme, the Anchor team will conduct regular assessments of a child’s developmental, emotional and physical health, as well as the primary caregiver’s mental health and overall well-being, so as to identify their needs in a timely manner. The programme will provide a tailored care plan for each child, which includes home visitations by a Community Health Visitor (CHV) to support the child and the primary caregiver. During such visits, the CHV and/or the Anchor team will guide caregivers on promoting health, parent-child attachment and bonding as well as stimulation activities. The Anchor team will also work closely with community partners and Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) through regular information sharing to enable provision of holistic care to the child and the family.

The Anchor team consists of CHVs supported by doctors, psychologists and medical social workers.