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Adolescent Medicine Service

Contact Information
Clinic T and M, Level 2, Children's Tower
  1. Clinical evaluation and treatment of adolescent inpatients and outpatients aged 13 to below 18 years old referred to Adolescent Medicine Service

  2. Managing both inpatient and outpatient Adolescent cases include, but not limited to,
    a) Eating disorders
    b) Weight Management Services
    c) Behavior issues in and out of hospital, school and home
    d) Health risk behaviors
    e) Complex psychosocial situations
    f) Pubertal growth and development and problems related to them
    g) Adolescent sexual health
    h) Ongoing chronic illness with adherence/compliance issue
    i) Transition of health-care in adolescent chronic diseases

  3. Providing comprehensive eating disorder program, weight management program, adolescent wellness clinic program for primary carers



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