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Paediatric Dermatology Service

Skin conditions are very common in children and adolescents. Atopic dermatitis or eczema affects up to 20% of school-going children. Other common skin conditions in children and teenagers include viral warts, molluscum, acne (pimples), moles and psoriasis. Other less common but important paediatric skin problems include vascular birth marks (e.g. haemangiomas, port-wine stains) and genodermatoses (genetic skin disorders). Apart from skin conditions, our paediatric dermatologists also diagnose and treat problems related to hair and nails e.g. hair loss and nail infections.

Our paediatric dermatology service provides a wide range of investigations and treatments for skin conditions including skin scrapings (for fungal and scabies infection), cryotherapy (for warts and molluscum), skin biopsies, electrocautery (for warts, molluscum and some birthmarks) and laser surgery.


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