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Haematology/Oncology Service

Information For Patients And Family

Contact Information
Level 7, Children's Tower
65 6394 2150
(General Enquiries)

The Haematology/Oncology Service is a paediatric medical subspecialty that offers a comprehensive range of services for children and adolescents with cancers or complex blood disorders. We are part of the multi-disciplinary Children’s Blood and Cancer Centre, which comprises the full range of medical and surgical specialists, along with nursing and allied health specialists, to provide comprehensive and holistic care for our young patients.

We deliver systemic anti-cancer therapies to our young patients in a safe environment. Our patient facilities include the following:

  • Paediatric Oncology Ward: This is an inpatient ward to provide a conducive environment for children with cancer to receive treatment and supportive care. In addition to patient rooms and cubicles, there is a Caregiver Corner, and a Family Resource Centre with a Play Room and a Teens Room supported by the Children's Cancer Foundation.
  • Blood and Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (BMTCT) unit: The inpatient BMTCT unit consists of single-occupancy rooms with positive air pressure, double-doors, and HEPA air filters to maintain a safe protective environment for our most vulnerable patients. We have a Pheresis team to support cell harvesting for transplant and cell therapy, as well as therapeutic leukapheresis and plasma exchange procedures.
  • Children’s Day Therapy: This is an ambulatory therapy unit where patients can undergo certain treatment and procedures in an outpatient setting.
  • Specialist Outpatient Clinics:
    • General Haematology and Oncology clinics
    • Combined Neuro-Oncology Clinics
    • Combined Bleeding Disorders Clinics
    • Childhood Cancer Survivorship Clinics
    • BMTCT Clinics
    • We also provide Haematology/Oncology support to various multi-disciplinary clinics such as Complex Vascular Anomalies clinics, Combined Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1) clinics


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