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Infectious Disease Service

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Level 3, Children's Tower

When infections in children get severe, or increase the risk of health complications, they need the attention of specialists in Infectious Diseases. The Infectious Disease Service at our hospital is the busiest and largest medical service in Singapore dedicated to the care of children with severe and high-risk infections. We are also a sentinel site for the surveillance of severe infections in children.

Our Children’s Travel Clinic offers comprehensive travel advice and vaccination programmes for you and your child. We can provide guidance and information on other routine and recommended childhood vaccines to both parents, other healthcare professionals and on a national level. We also provide dedicated vaccination services for immuno-compromised patients, either pre/ post-splenectomy or post-chemotherapy/ transplantation.

The service also provides specialised medical care for HIV-infected children in Singapore and also runs dedicated “BBV” clinics that sees Hepatitis B and C patients (in the initial phase), as well as patients who may be exposed to the above Blood-Borne Viruses. We also have a dedicated “MycoB” clinic that accepts referrals for all infections or issues related to tuberculosis, BCG, or non-tuberculous mycobacterial infections; the service also manages the paediatric tuberculosis clinic at the Tuberculosis Control Unit at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

We help formulate protocols for outbreak response by providing inputs to the various national and hospital task force committees on Infection Control, bio-warfare surveillance, management and containment of hand-foot-mouth disease, AIDS, SARS and Antimicrobial Stewardship and immunization.

We are also actively involved in multiple trials and is the only tertiary sentinel surveillance site for adverse events following immunization in children.

Range of Services:

  • General Infectious Disease Clinic, Blood-borne Virus Clinic, MycoB Clinic. Immunocompromised Host vaccination (HOVAX) clinic
  • Children's Travel Clinic
  • Children's Tuberculosis Clinic (TBCU)
  • Hospital Infection Control & outbreak management
  • Management of HIV-infected children, and infants born to HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C positive mothers
  • Needlestick injury surveillance and prevention
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Surveillance for adverse events following immunization


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