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Regional Anaesthesia

As part of the multi-modal pain management strategy for peri-operative pain, our Paediatric Regional Block service ensures safe regional anaesthesia is administered to our little ones in a timely and effective way. Our goal is to achieve enhanced recovery after surgery with minimal opioid usage and its associated side effects.

Our highly experienced pediatric anaesthetists performs landmark-guided peripheral nerve blocks for day surgery cases on a daily basis. State-of-the art ultrasound-guided techniques are also employed, where patients can benefit from safe, low-dose yet effective blocks under general anaesthesia. Additionally, centraneuraxial blocks are performed in cases where profound sensory and autonomic blockade are indicated in more major surgeries.

Our Children's Pain Service subsequently follows up the patient until complete resolution of block, while ensuring a smooth and pain-free transition to alternative analgesics in the ward. Where prolonged block effect is indicated, continuous nerve block infusions eg. Epidural and Peripheral nerve block catheters are used, and our dedicated pain team will follow up these patients daily with round-the-clock service, to ensure an optimal outcome.