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Blood Gases

Test Code:



Specimen Container

Adult and paed: Heparinised syringe
Neonates: Heparinised capillary tube

Specimen Requirement

Collect 2 mL of blood in a heparinised syringe. Expel air bubbles, cap the syringe and roll the specimen between the hands for 15 seconds to gently mix it. Place this in a biohazard specimen bag and then immerse this bag into another bag with crushed ice. Send immediately to Lab. Clotted specimen or air bubble in the specimen will be REJECTED.

Invert blood 5 times after blood collection ensures the anticoagulant is well mixed with the blood. This will ensure results are reliable.

Specimen Storage / Transport

Specimens for blood gas analysis and ionised calcium must be delivered by hand to the laboratory.
Specimens sent via the pneumatic tube system will be REJECTED.



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Turn Around Time

Average 30 mins ( 25 - 35 mins )

Reference Value(s)

-pH: 7.35 - 7.45 pH units (pH: Reference interval for pH in Arterial blood: 7.35 to 7.45 ; Venous blood : 7.32 to 7.43) 
-pCO2: 35 - 45 mmHg  (pCO2: Reference interval is for arterial blood.) 
-pO2: 80 - 100 mmHg (pO2: Reference interval is for arterial blood.) 
-BE: -2 - 2 mmol/L
-O2ST: 95 - 100 %
-HCO3: 18 - 23 mmol/L
-Ionised Ca: Refer to Test Name 'Calcium, Ionised'

Testing Laboratory Location



Clinical Chemistry

Contact Number

6394 1383

Day and Time Performed

Daily, 24 hrs

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Additional Information

Critical Results:
-pH: Low: <7.2 and High: >7.6
-pCO2: Low: <20 mmHg and High: >50 mmHg
-pO2: Low: <40 mmHg and High: >150 mmHg

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