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Culture, TB Mycobacteria

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Specimen Container

Sterile container
Myco-F-Lytic vial (To be obtained from DPLM Reception)

Specimen Requirement

Sterile container: Sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage, CSF, body fluids, gastric lavage, tissue, urine, pus, etc
Blood and Bone Marrow: Inoculate 5 mL directly into Myco-F-Lytic vial.

Specimen Storage / Transport

Collect three sputum specimens for acid-fast smears and culture in patients with clinical and chest x-ray findings compatible with tuberculosis.

These three samples should be collected at 8-24 hour intervals and should include at least one first morning specimen. Specimens must be delivered to the laboratory promptly.

Specimens that cannot be processed within one hour of the time of collection will be refrigerated during transport to and storage in the laboratory prior to processing. This will decrease overgrowth with contaminating organisms likely to be present.



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Turn Around Time

Receipt of specimen to detection of growth (average: 21 days). Affected by type of organism, specimen received and prior antibiotic treatment.
Detection of growth to final identification (range of 2 days to 4 weeks, average 5-7 days for MTBC). Affected by slow growing mycobacteria, mixed cultures requiring additional processing and repeat cultures.
Negatives: 8 week; 6 weeks for Myco-F lytic samples

Reference Value(s)


Testing Laboratory Location



TB culture Laboratory

Contact Number

6394 1352

Day and Time Performed

Mon - Fri: 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs
Sat: 0800 hrs - 1230 hrs

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