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Factor VIII (8) Assay

Test Code:



Specimen Container

Sodium Citrate Tube

Specimen Requirement

Citrated Whole Blood
5 daysAdult: 2ml
Paediatric: 1ml

Gently invert the tubes several times to assure thorough mixing of the specimen with the anticoagulant.

To collect blood to the designate marking. Over or under filling will compromise the test results.

When using a winged blood collection set for venipuncture and a coagulation tube is the first tube drawn, draw a discard tube first.

Specimen Storage / Transport

Transport in room temperature. Do not transport in Ice.



Orderable as STAT?

Urgent tests requiring a shorter turnaround time can be requested by contacting the laboratory haematologist-on-call.

Turn Around Time

5 days

Reference Value(s)

Age GroupGenderReference Intervals (%)
Day 0-2Both105 - 329
Day 3 - 30Both83 - 274
1 Month - 1 YearBoth54 - 145
1 - 5 YearBoth36 - 185
6 - 10 YearsBoth52 - 182
11 - 16 YearsBoth59 - 200
Adults (above 16 Years)Both52 - 290
Adopted from Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

Testing Laboratory Location




Contact Number

​6394 1373

Day and Time Performed

Wednesday (1300 hrs - 1700Hrs)
Friday (1300 hrs - 1700 hrs)

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Factor VIII (8) Assay CG0124

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