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PAP Smear (LBC)

Test Code:




Specimen Container

BD SurePath(TM) Preservative Fluid.
Collection Vials are obtained from Cytology Lab.

Specimen Requirement

Step 1: Collect
Click here to view video ( duration 2 mins 04 seconds)

I. Insert the central bristles of the brush (use either Cervex brush or Combi brush) into the endocervical canal.Use gentle pressure on the cervix until the lateral bristles bend against the ectocervix.
II. Maintain the gentle pressure and rotate by rolling the stem between thumb and forefinger.
  For Cervex Brush, rotate five times in a clockwise direction.

 For Combi brush, rotate two times in a clockwise direction.

Step 2: Drop
 Drop the detachable head device into the SurePathTM vial.

Step 3: Send
I. Tighten the cap.
II. Paste the patient’s CPOE label sticker on the vial.
III. Place the vial and patient’s request form into a specimen bag for transport to the laboratory.
Refer to Nursing location' Policy for details on despatch.

Specimen Storage / Transport

​Do not send by pneumatic tube system.



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Turn Around Time

3 - 6 working days

Reference Value(s)


Testing Laboratory Location




Contact Number

6394 1385

Day and Time Performed

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Downtime Form

Additional Information

Mon – Fri: 0800 hrs – 1800 hrs
Last specimen receipt time is 1730 hrs
Sat - 0830 hrs – 1300 hrs
Last specimen receipt time is 1230 hrs

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PAP Smear (LBC) CT0010

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