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Rapid SARS Coronavirus 2 PCR

Test Code:



Specimen Container

Use red-capped flocked swab in Universal Transport Medium (UTM) for nasopharyngeal collection.

Specimen Requirement

Nasopharyngeal swab, throat swab, ETTA, BAL

Specimen Storage / Transport

Please ensure the specimen is double-bagged (transparent inner bag, red outer bag) and contains a visible note for SARS Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) testing.
Send samples immediately to the laboratory at room temperature after collection, or store at 4°C if delay is anticipated. Do not send by pneumatic tube system. Nasopharyngeal swabs can be stored at room temperature ( 15 - 30 °C ) up to 8 hours or refrigerated ( 2 - 8 °C ) up to 7 days before testing.



Orderable as STAT?


Turn Around Time

1-3 hours (office hours)

Reference Value(s)

Testing Laboratory Location



Molecular Microbiology

Contact Number

6394 1382

Day and Time Performed

Mon – Sun: 0800 hrs to 2000 hrs
(pandemic work hours)

Orderable on CPOE?


Downtime Form

Additional Information

All staff are to select the exact indication that is applicable to the scenario when ordering COVID-19 test in CPOE.

1. Meet MOH’s suspect case definition
2. Other clinical conditions via professional judgment, such as extended fever/ARI or atypical symptoms [includes pre-discharge swabs and other MOH-approved indications]
3. Surveillance of confirmed case
4. [NO SUBVENTION] Other reasons not clinically indicated e.g. patient’s/employer’s request
Please consult a member of the Clinical Infectious Disease Team or a Consultant Microbiologist or any other senior Medical Staff who can authorise the ordering of this test.
Please contact Dr. Loo Liat Hui (Senior Principal Medical Laboratory Scientist) or Mr. Soong Han Yang (Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist) at 6394 1382 or A/Prof. Matthias Maiwald (Senior Consultant Microbiologist) at 6394 8725 if additional information is required. Please contact the Clinical Infectious Diseases Team with any clinical or infection control questions.

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Rapid SARS Coronavirus 2 PCR BA0352

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