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Ureaplasma species culture (DISCONTINUED)

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Specimen Container

Ureaplasma transport media is required for urogenital, respiratory, swab, tissue, and fluid samples. Anaerobic blood culture bottle is required for blood sample. To obtain the container, call Laboratory Reception at ext. 1352 / 1354.

Specimen Requirement

Urogenital samples: Urethral swabs, prostatic secretions, semen, urinary calculi, cervical swabs, high vaginal swabs, endometrial tissue, tubal samples, fluid from the pouch of Douglas. Urine samples are not suitable. Respiratory samples: Nasopharyngeal, throat and endotracheal secretions. Swabs: When swabs are obtained from patients, care should be taken to sample as many cells as possible, since mycoplasmas are cell-associated. As the swab-sticks may be toxic to the ureaplasmas, the swabs should be swirled and squeezed against the side of the container and then discarded. They should never be left in the container. Tissue and fluid from all sites: Small pieces of tissue ( 10 mL of blood obtained aseptically should be inoculated into an anaerobic blood culture bottle. All samples should be despatched to the laboratory as soon as possible.

Specimen Storage / Transport



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Turn Around Time

3 - 5 days

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Contact Number

6394 1352

Day and Time Performed

Mon - Fri: 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs
Sat: 0800 hrs - 1230 hrs

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