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Uric Acid

Test Code:



Specimen Container

Gel separator tube (Adult)
Microtube (Paeds)

Specimen Requirement

Plain Blood
Adult: 5 mL
Paediatric: 1.3 mL

Invert blood 5 times after blood collection ensures the anticoagulant is well mixed with the blood. This will ensure results are reliable.

Specimen Storage / Transport

​Rasburicase can cause enzymatic degradation of uric acid in blood samples, resulting in falsely low uric acid concentrations. To minimise ex vivo degradation of uric acid in blood samples from patients treated with rasburicase, please (1) collect blood into a pre-chilled specimen tube, (2) send it immediately to the laboratory on ice by hand and (3) alert Clinical Chemistry laboratory to analyse the specimen as soon as possible.



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Turn Around Time

Stat: Average 45 mins (30 mins - 1 hr)
Routine: Average 2 hrs (1 - 3 hrs)

Reference Value(s)

< 15th day: 165-749 µmol/L
15th day - 11th month: 94-372 µmol/L
1st year - 11th year: 106-289 µmol/L
12th year - 18th year: 153-348 µmol/L (Female)
12th year - 18th year: 153-448 µmol/L (Male)
> 18th year: 140-450 µmol/L(Female)
> 18th year: 150-550 µmol/L(Male)

Testing Laboratory Location



Clinical Chemistry

Contact Number

6394 1383

Day and Time Performed

Daily, 24 hrs

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Additional Information

Critical Values:
Low: <60 µmol/L and High: >708 µmol/L

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Uric Acid BC0330

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