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Urine culture

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Specimen Container

Urine Container

Dipslide (After Office Hours specimens only)

Specimen Requirement

(A) Collect and submit liquid urine samples (e.g. mid-stream, in-out catheter, bag urine, nephrostomy urine, etc.) during office hours. Mid-stream urine is the most common sample and is collected after washing the genital area with a cleansing agent. Store urine in a refrigerator if there is transport delay of >2 hrs after collection. Minimum required volume is 0.5 mL, optimum volume is 3-5 mL.
(B) Collect urine specimens and inoculate onto dipslides after hours.
1) Unscrew the slide from the tube without touching the agar surfaces.
2) Holding the dipslide by the cap, dip the slide into freshly voided urine so that the agar surfaces are totally immersed.
3) Allow excess urine to drain from the slide.
4) Blot the last drops on absorbent paper.
5) Screw the slide tightly back into the tube.
6) Attach the patient’s label to the tube.
Note: If the volume of the urine sample is very small, the dipslide may be wetted by using either a sterile Pasteur pipette or a syringe, while tilting the slide to ensure complete wetting, and by collecting the urine in a second specimen container underneath the dipslide. If necessary, this procedure may be repeated with the urine from the specimen container underneath.

Specimen Storage / Transport



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Turn Around Time

Negative - 1- 2 working days
Positive - 2-4 working days

Reference Value(s)


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Contact Number

6394 1388

Day and Time Performed

Mon - Fri: 0800 hrs to 1900 hrs
Last specimen receipt time: 1800 hrs

Sat: 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs
Last specimen receipt time: 1630 hrs

Sun: 0800 hrs to 1600 hrs
Last specimen receipt time: 1500 hrs

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Additional Information

Collect mid-stream urine after washing the genital area with cleansing agent. Store urine in fridge if there is transport delay of > 2hrs after collection.

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Urine culture    BA0105

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