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Test Request Forms

Laboratory test request to be submitted with an authorised Test Request Forms or electronic requisition together with a labelled specimen. Self-referral by patient or direct to consumer testing will not be accepted.

For manual test request, please ensure the correct form is used. Fill in all the information requested in the form as this is essential for proper processing of samples and correct interpretation of test results.

To order tests that are not listed on the form, write the name of the test in the space marked "Others".

The following forms are used in KK Women's and Children's Hospital when requesting for various laboratory tests.
Request Forms Download
67010-Form-0070 Click Here
Allergy Lab Test Form Click Here
Bacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology Tests Click Here
Biochemical Genetics Lab Click Here
Clinical Chemistry - Form A Click Here
Clinical Chemistry - Form B Click Here
Gynaecological Cytology Click Here
Haematology/Coagulation Click Here
Histopathology Lab Click Here
HSA-Form Click Here
Immunlogy Tests Click Here
Immuno-Chemistry Virology & Serology Click Here
Immunohaematology Click Here
Lab Cytogenetics Click Here
Molecular Histopathology Click Here
Non-Gynaecological Cytology Click Here
Platelet Immunology Test Request Form Click Here
Quantiferon Test Form Click Here
Therapeutic Drug Analysis Lab Click Here
Urine Tests Click Here
Virology & Serology Tests Click Here
Consent Forms Download
Chromosome Microarray Request and Consent Forms Click Here
ClinGen Request General Constitutional Consent forms Click Here
ClinGen Request Prenatal Constitutional Consent forms Click Here
Post-mortem Examination - An Explanation for Parents and Legal Guardians Booklet Click Here
Karyotyping / Fluorescence In Situ Hybridisation (FISH) for Constitutional Genetic Testing Click Here
Prenatal Chromosome Microarray Analysis Click Here
Others Download
Memo For Laboratory Request Click Here
Memo For Specimen Media Request Click Here

Patient Identification

Patient name, demographics and biodata provided are essential to ensure that the specimen collected and received by the laboratory comes from the correct patient.
  • Patient’s name 
  • Patient’s NRIC number / FIN
  • Account number 
  • Date of birth 
  • Gender 
  • Nationality    

Patient Location

The patient’s exact location should be stated clearly so that the laboratory can communicate promptly with the relevant referring clinic/ward/department/hospital should the need arise.
  • Name of Clinic/Department 
  • Ward number 
  • Bed number 

Name of Requesting Doctor/Consultant

The information of requesting doctor/consultant is important for the laboratory to contact the relevant requestor when necessary for clarification and result reporting. MCR number of the requesting doctor should be clearly writtien if a hard copy request form is used.

Nature of Specimen

Specimen site, type of specimen and the source of specimen should be clearly written on the test request form.

Date and Time of Specimen Collection

Specimen collection Date and Time should be indicated properly on test request form for proper evaluation of test results.