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Our nurses play a very critical role in the care and follow-up for our patients. In addition to the clinical support they provide, they help to counsel patients on their condition, prepare and support them through their treatment, and train them on the use of medical equipment and aids necessary for their care.

They also play a key role in follow-up care, and informational support for patients and their families, training programmes and support groups for different medical conditions among women and children.

Range of Services:

  • Breastfeeding counselling, consultation and support
  • Parentcraft service
  • Neonatal nursing support
  • Oncology nursing support (both O&G and Paediatrics)
  • Bereavement support (both O&G and Paediatrics)
  • Diabetic counselling (both O&G and Paediatrics)
  • Incontinence and stoma nursing support (both O&G and Paediatrics)
  • Home care service for children
  • Pallative Care Service (Paediatrics)