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Contraimplant Clinic

Contact Information
Room 1, Clinic L, Level 1, Children's Tower

Opening Hours:
Contraimplant Clinic Thursday (whole day) 

PC Contra + Contra-APN Clinic
Thursday (morning only)

Our service is run by Obstetric & Gynaecology (O&G) Specialists and is supported by O&G Advanced Practice Nurses. We provide contraceptive advice and counselling to women who are considering the use of contraceptive implants. We will be offering both insertion and removal of contraceptive implants.


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Conditions We Treat

  • Use of contraceptive implants
  • Contraceptive implant related condition

Treatments Offered / Procedures and Surgeries

  • Contraception advice and counselling
  • Provision of contraception
  • Insertion and removal of contraceptive implants
  • Management of complications related to contraceptive implants