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Women’s Advocacy (Service for Sexual Assault Victims)

We have a special interest in the holistic care of women who are victims of sexual assaults and we also work with paediatricians in the care of adolescents and children who have suffered such assaults.

We provide support for the affected women, by seeing them at the Police Cantonment Complex or at our KKH Urgent O&G Centre. We also see adolescents and children at our KKH Children’s Emergency for victims less than 18 years old.

We perform medical forensic examinations, emotional assessment of the victims and provide necessary interventions as appropriate in both ambulatory and inpatient settings. We also offer follow up of these patients in our STI clinic, the Paediatric Adolescent Medicine Service and the PTSS Women’s Trauma clinic as required.

Together with a team, we provide holistic support to both victims and their families.


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Useful helplines for the public:

Samaritans of Singapore
24 hour hotline

Institute of Mental Health
Mental Health Helpline
24 hour hotline

AWARE Sexual Assault Care Centre
Helpline: Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 6.00pm