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Contact Information
Level 2, Children's Tower
65 6394 1081

Women's Anaesthesia

Going for surgery or fearful of labour pains? Do you double up in pain every month from menstrual cramps? Or are you in agony with pain from arthritis, migraine, slipped discs or other painful medical conditions, which leaves you feeling depressed and unable to cope with your daily activities?

The Department of Women's Anaesthesia provides a comprehensive pain relief management and care to patients undergoing surgery, as well as during pregnancy and delivery.

The Women's Pain Centre, managed by our team of anaesthesiologists, treat and ease your pain with the latest technology which may not require you to go under the knife. For more information, click here.


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Range of Services

  • Pain relief in labour
  • Acute pain service
  • Anaesthetic services e.g. regional & general anaesthesia for gynaecological surgery
  • Obstetric anaesthesia
  • Intensive care service
  • Pre-anaesthetic clinic