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Maternal Fetal Medicine

Contact Information
KK Women's and Children's Hospital
65 6394 1001

All our patients enjoy a high level of coordinated care by a team of specialists in Maternal Fetal Medicine. These include obstetricians, clinical nurses, genetic counsellors and neonatologists.

Range of Services

Our Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine specialises in the management of high risk obstetrics and the screening of fetal anomalies, and is a tertiary referral centre for complicated pregnancies.

We are also a Teaching and Training Centre for the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG). We are accredited by the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

Peripartum Unit and Obstetric Medical Disorders

Range of Services:

  • Triaging of emergency obstetric admission
  • Monitoring of patients in active phase of labour
  • Prostin cervical priming for high risk obstetric patients
  • Obstetric deliveries (vaginal, normal)
  • Obstetric deliveries (vaginal, instrumental)
  • Obstetric deliveries (vaginal, breech)
  • Obstetric deliveries (caesarean section in obstetric operating theatre)
  • High risk obstetric deliveries
    • Placenta Previa
    • Placenta Accreta
  • External cephalic version
  • Outpatient Clinics for pregnant mothers with medical disorders e.g. diabetes, thyroid disorders, asthmas

Obstetric Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnostic Unit

Antenatal Diagnostic Centre (ADC)/ Antenatal Monitoring Clinic (AMC)

Range of Services:

  • Obstetric Ultrasound Services
    • First Trimester Dating/Early pregnancy Scans
    • First Trimester Screening Scans
    • Fetal Anomaly Scans
    • Doppler Ultrasound scans for High Risk Pregnancies
    • Growth Clinics for Multiple Pregnancies and Fetal Growth Restriction
    • High Risk Obstetric Ultrasound Scans
  • Prenatal diagnosis and counselling of patients with Fetal Anomalies, including invasive genetic testing (Karyotyping, QF- PCR, FISH, Chromosomal Microarray)
  • Thalassaemia screening, prenatal diagnosis and counselling
  • Down Syndrome screening, prenatal diagnosis and counselling
    • First Trimester Screening
    • Non-invasive Prenatal Test
    • Second trimester Maternal Serum Screening
    • Invasive tests (CVS, Amniocentesis, Fetal Blood Sampling)
  • The centre is recognised by the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) as its Teaching and Training Centre (TTC)
  • The centre is Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) accredited
  • Fetal Surgery Suite – One-stop suite for Complex Fetal Treatments
    • Fetoscopic Laser Photocoagulation to treat complicated monochorionic twin pregnancies
    • Pleuro-amniotic shunt insertions
    • Bipolar cord coagulation
    • Fetal reduction procedures
    • Amnioreduction/Therapeutic Amniocentesis
    • Fetal Blood transfusions
    • Invasive genetic testing (CVS, Amniocentesis, Fetal blood sampling)

Antenatal Risk Assessment Unit

Range of Services:

  • Pre-pregnancy and early pregnancy risk assessment and surveillance
  • Nurse counselling service for mothers undergoing prenatal invasive procedures
  • Nurse counselling for mothers undergoing serum screening test for Down Syndrome

Perinatal Audit & Epidemiology Unit

Range of Services:

  • Perinatal statistics
  • Perinatal epidemiology relating to trends of diseases of pregnancy, the mother and the fetus
  • Evidence based medicine relating to obstetrics and management of care of high risk pregnancies
  • Perinatal audit relating to stillbirths, perinatal mortality and perinatal morbidity

Obstetric Day Assessment Centre

Our Obstetric Day Assessment Centre has evolved into an outpatient alternative for women with complicated pregnancies and pregnant patients with hypertension and/or diabetes.

These patients would previously have required hospitalisation. Now they receive the same high standard of obstetric care while enjoying the benefits of an outpatient status, such as no hospitalisation costs and reduced disruption to their work, family and social lives. Hypertensive and Diabetic obstetric patients now receive an extensive evaluation and self-help management guidelines.

Dedicated nurses will also provide phone consultations and phone reviews to assist patients in managing their diabetes in pregnancy.


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