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Maternity Services

Pregnancy is a special time for the family, as the arrival of your baby brings new joy and bonding. This is also a time when you will make the vital selection of the doctor and hospital to help you through your pregnancy and delivery.

We have a wide range of services and facilities to care for you and your newborn.

  • Maternity Facilities/Services
  • Delivery Suite (Virtual Tour) 
  • Hospitalisation Services
  • Nursery
  • Birth Registration
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Delivery Suite

With 28 private delivery rooms, our Delivery Suite witnesses the births of 30 to 35 babies every day.

Each room comes with a single bed, attached bathroom with shower facilities, couch-bed, and a telephone to keep anxious family members updated on the baby's arrival.

The nurses, all experienced midwives, work closely with the obstetricians, anaesthetists, neonatologists and physicians to help mothers through their deliveries.

Another important partner in the entire experience is none other than the father-to-be. We encourage the husband or significant other to provide moral support to the mother.

Click here for a virtual tour of a Delivery Suite room.

Hospitalisation Services

Delivery Package

  • A team of trained doctors on duty will be involved in the assessment of labour.
  • Your chosen obstetrician will conduct the delivery. Medical students will not be involved in the labour and delivery.

Ward Type A1 (single-bedded) Packages

Type Length of Stay
Package Price From*
Estimated Bill Size From
​Normal DeliveryTwo days​​$2,138​$5,220
​Caesarean Delivery​Three days​$2,662​$8,390

Ward Type B1 (four-bedded) Packages

Type Length of Stay
Package Price From*
Estimated Bill Size From
​Normal DeliveryTwo days​$1,378​$4,066
​Caesarean Delivery​Three days​$2,020​$6,885

* Prices shown are inclusive of GST and are effective from July 2016. All rates are subject to revision without notice.

Package Features:

  • Include standard procedures and medications.
  • Covers eight hours’ usage of the Delivery Suite or 30 mins usage of Operating Theatre, whichever applicable.
  • For normal delivery, the charges for the Delivery Suite will be waived after the 12th hour.
  • If you have initially signed up for a Normal Delivery Package and need an Emergency Lower Segment Caesarian Section (LSCS) Delivery, the charges for the first two hours of the Delivery Suite will be waived. However, a flat rate will be charged for subsequent usage.
  • Any unconsumed item in the package is not refundable.

Delivery Packages are not all-inclusive. Doctor's professional fees, non-standard services, items in excess of package inclusion and all neonatal-related charges are not included. All other procedures and investigations that are not included in the package will be charged based on usage.

For more information on estimated total bill size for various hospitals, please visit Ministry of Health website.


Babies who are well and who do not require special medical attention can stay with their mothers in the obstetric (maternity) ward.

"Rooming-in" helps parents to bond with their newborn babies and learn baby's habits, likes and dislikes. More importantly, it provides a good opportunity for parents to learn how to care for the baby, so that they can tap on the vast experience of the hospital's nurses while still in their care at the hospital.

Every obstetric ward has a Nursery, where specially trained nurses care for the baby. A team of doctors monitor the baby's health each day.

The Nursery is most suited for babies who need regular monitoring by the medical team, and babies whose mothers may not be able to care for them (e.g. immediately after a caesarean section).

Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR) Test

Before being discharged from the hospital, the baby undergoes a hearing test - the Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR) test. This test helps to detect hearing loss at birth to facilitate early intervention and treatment.

Safe and painless for the baby, it involves applying jelly tab sensors to the head, which allow a computer to receive and record the baby's response to sound. A soft earphone delivering clicking sounds will elicit response from the baby.

Birth Registration

Birth Registration Counter

As a proud parent you can register your newborn baby at the Birth Registration Counter located inside the Admissions Office at Level 1, Women's Tower.

You are required to register your child's birth within 14 days from the date of birth, including Sundays and public holidays.

Please bring along following documents:

  • Notification of Live-Birth Form
  • Duly Completed Report Form for Registration of Birth (BD13)
  • Marriage Certificate
    • Original Marriage Certificate (issued by Singapore Registry of Marriage) OR
    • Original Foreign Marriage Certificate with English translation copy
  • Registration fee of SGD$45, inclusive of GST

For Singaporeans/Permanent Residents:

  • Original Identity Card of both parents (Pink/Blue)
  • Parents holding 11B (Regular or NS), please provide Date of Issue of your pink IC. You may contact CMPB at tel 1800-367 6767 for information.

For Malaysians:

  • Original Malaysian Identity Card (MyKad), FIN Card & Passport

For Foreigners:

  • Original Passport, Dependent Pass, Visit Pass & Work Permit

Birth Registration Operating Hours: Monday to Friday (exclude Public Holidays), 8.00am to 4.30pm
(Last queue number will be issued at 4pm)

Moments of Life (Families) App

The Moments of Life (Families) app – a government mobile application for families with children aged 6 and below – offers a new and convenient way to register your child's birth and apply for the Baby Bonus Scheme at the same time.

Access information on government scheme and benefits for you and your child too.

Download the app here.

Division of Obstetrics & Gynaecology