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  1. Are there any differences in the rooms at the Delivery Suite?

    All the rooms at the Delivery Suite are of similar size, with the same facilities and equipment.

  2. What happens if I can't get a bed/ward type of my choice?

    As the need for patient beds is variable and unpredictable, your preferred bed/ward type may not be immediately available. If this happens, you will be given the next available bed, and will only need to pay for the bed at the prevailing rate of the ward type. Meanwhile, you will be on the waiting list for the bed of your choice which will be allocated to you as soon as it becomes available. Thereafter, payment for the bed of your choice will be at the prevailing rate of that ward type.

  3. If I stay in a single-bedded room and my husband is unavailable, can my mother or sister stay overnight with me?

    Yes, this can be arranged as long as there is only one accompanying female adult. Please consult the nurse manager of the ward upon your admission to the ward. Children are not allowed to stay overnight.

  4. Why is Ready-To-Feed (RTF) formula milk being charged?

    In line with international recommendations from the WHO and the Sale of Infant Food Ethics Committee Singapore (SIFECS) Code of Ethics, the donation of free RTFs by infant formula companies is prohibited in Singapore. RTFs is therefore purchased and provided by the hospital and charged with a fee when used. 

  5. What happens if I encounter breastfeeding problems?

    If you experience difficulties during breastfeeding, our nurses who are trained in lactation are available to provide assistance and will refer you to the lactation consultants for further assistance if needed. This will allow issues to be rectified early so that you can breastfeed smoothly.

  6. Can I choose the birthing position which I prefer (e.g. squatting)?

    Whichever birthing position you decide on, the most important consideration is that it must be safe for you and your baby. Also, it should not cause undue strain to the doctor / midwife who is delivering your baby. Please discuss this with your doctor.

  7. If my husband is not around for my delivery, can my mother/sister accompany me at Delivery Suite?

    Husbands are encouraged to provide support to the mothers in the Delivery Suite, but exceptions may be made for mother/sister to accompany instead. Please inform the nurse-in-charge at the point of admission to the Delivery Suite.

  8. Can I play a CD or have aromatherapy?

    You may play your own music at low volume to prevent disturbance to other patients. Aromatherapy which does not require fire or emit smoke/fumes is allowed.

  9. Does KKH offer water births?

    KKH does not offer water births.