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Labour and delivery

How do I get to the Delivery Suite?

If you are driving to the hospital, the nearest place to park at is Women’s Tower, Pink Zone. The lift lobby is located beside the Delivery Suite on Level 2, Women’s Tower. You may also park at Children’s Tower, Blue Zone; there will be a slightly longer walk to the Delivery Suite.

If you are alighting from a taxi or private hire vehicle, head to the Women’s Tower and you can take the lift or the escalator to the Delivery Suite at Level 2.

What can I expect when arriving at the Delivery Suite?

At the Delivery Suite, you will be assessed by our midwives who will advise if you need to be brought into a delivery room directly, or attended to by our doctors at the Triage area.

Your accompanying family member can be seated at the nearby waiting area. After being assessed by our doctors, depending on your condition, you may subsequently be admitted to a delivery room or antenatal ward, or advised to return home.

What happens during labour?

Once you are admitted to the delivery room with established labour, you and your baby will be monitored closely. The midwife/nurse-to-patient ratio in the Delivery Suite is 1:2.

You will have an infusion line set up on your arm and your baby will be monitored continuously with cardiotocography (CTG). Regular vaginal examinations will be performed by a doctor/midwife to monitor and assess your labour progression.

Pain relief in labour

Some women may find contractions very uncomfortable and would like to opt for pain relief. Pain relief options available include:

  • Entonox gas (laughing gas)
  • Intramuscular / Intravenous injection of pain relief medications
  • Epidural / Combined Spinal Epidural

More details are available here.

Oxytocin infusion

If your labour is not progressing well, your doctor may prescribe oxytocin infusion to regulate your contractions.

Eating during labour

You are advised not to eat during labour. Sips of water or ice cubes are encouraged to keep hydrated.

Accompanying person

Your husband is encouraged to accompany you in the Delivery Suite and to provide support, but exceptions may be made for your mother/sister instead. Please inform the nurse-in-charge at the point of admission to the Delivery Suite if someone other than your husband will be accompanying you during labour.

Photography / videography

Photography and videography are allowed where there is no ongoing procedure taking place, including during delivery. Hospital staff may not be captured in photography/videography without consent.

What facilities are there in the Delivery Suite?

There are 28 single-bedded, air-conditioned delivery rooms, each with an attached bathroom and a TV with free-to-air and cable channels. Every room is equipped with a baby warmer to keep your newborn warm and resuscitation equipment is available should the newborn require resuscitation.

The Delivery Suite is equipped with a central cardiotocography (CTG) monitoring system where baby’s heartbeat and your contractions can be monitored remotely by the medical and nursing team.

What happens if there are complications during my labour?

Whilst the majority of child births are uncomplicated, a small percentage of women may experience obstetric emergencies. In these situations, teams of healthcare professionals will attend to the mother and baby promptly. At KKH, the average time required from activation of the crash caesarean code till the baby is born is 10 minutes, with all deliveries achieved within the international standard of 30 minutes.

Will my obstetrician deliver my baby?

If you have opted for private care, your chosen obstetrician will conduct the delivery. Your care in the delivery room will also be supported by the medical, nursing and midwifery team on duty.

If you have opted for subsidised care, you will be cared for by a team of doctors, nurses and midwives during your stay in the delivery room. Uncomplicated vaginal delivery of your baby will be conducted by our experienced midwives. Should there be any complications, our team of doctors will attend to you.

What happens if I need an induction of labour?

Induction of labour is sometimes necessary if you are overdue and/or there are concerns about the well-being of you or your baby. For planned cases, an appointment will be made for your induction at the outpatient clinic. You will be admitted to the Obstetrics Monitoring Unit (OMU) or the Delivery Suite for this procedure.

Once you are in labour, you will be cared for in the Delivery Suite until the delivery of your baby.

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