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Caring for Haemangioma

Caring for Haemangioma - What it is

Haemangiomas are collections of small blood vessels found on skin. The surface of a haemangioma is delicate and can be very dry.

How to clean the haemangioma

  • Use gentle soap
  • Avoid using bubble bath
  • Gently pat over the haemangioma afterwards
  • For haemangioma over nappy area
    • Avoid rubbing baby wipes onto skin
    • Use damp cotton wool

Protecting the haemangioma

  • Moisturise
    • Apply non fragrant moisturiser
    • Moisturising can help prevent dryness on surface of the haemangioma
  • Sun protection
    • Apply sun screen on the haemangioma and all exposed areas
    • Use a hat if the haemangioma is on your child’s face

What if the haemangioma starts bleeding?
Haemangiomas can bleed when they are knocked or scratched. This bleeding can be quite significant, although it usually lasts only for a short period of time.

If bleeding occurs:

  • Apply gentle, direct pressure for 15 minutes with a clean cloth.
  • Do not remove pressure before the required time.
  • If bleeding persists after this, please bring your child to the Children’s Emergency at Children’s Tower, Basement 1.
  • A crust or scab will form on the surface after the bleeding stops.
  • Do not remove the crust or scab.

Follow-up appointment
Your child will be reviewed regularly in the clinic.

Caring for Haemangioma - Symptoms

Caring for Haemangioma - How to prevent?

Caring for Haemangioma - Causes and Risk Factors

Caring for Haemangioma - Diagnosis

Caring for Haemangioma - Treatments

Caring for Haemangioma - Preparing for surgery

Caring for Haemangioma - Post-surgery care

Caring for Haemangioma - Other Information

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