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Ear Objects

Ear Objects - What it is

Foreign Bodies In The Ear

Objects that commonly get stuck in children's ears include inanimate things (toys, earrings), vegetable materials or insects.

If they are stuck in the ear, they may cause :

  • Ear pain
  • Ringing noise in the ears
  • Extreme discomfort (especially in the case of a live insect)

DO NOT try to remove the object without supervision. Such inexpert attempts may push the object further into the ear, causing bleeding, perforation of the ear drums and swelling of the ear canal. Instead, bring your child to the doctor. Good visualization and illumination with proper equipment is necessary before any instrumentation of the ear canal to remove the foreign body.

Keep the ear dry to prevent infection of the ear.​

Ear Objects - Symptoms

Ear Objects - How to prevent?

Ear Objects - Causes and Risk Factors

Ear Objects - Diagnosis

Ear Objects - Treatments

Ear Objects - Preparing for surgery

Ear Objects - Post-surgery care

Ear Objects - Other Information

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