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Ovarian Cancer Surgery

Ovarian Cancer Surgery - What it is

What Are Ovaries?

Ovaries produce eggs and female hormones during a woman’s reproductive life. Women have two ovaries, one on either side of the uterus (womb) in the lower abdomen.

Ovarian cancer cross section of female reproductive organs KKH

How Does Ovarian Cancer Develop?

The organs and tissues of the body are made up of tiny building blocks called cells. When your body’s cells are healthy, they grow and divide to make new cells. When old cells die, new ones take their place.

Cancer is a disease of these cells. A cancerous tumour starts from one abnormal cell. However, the exact reason why a cell becomes cancerous is unclear.

Cancerous tumours have the ability to spread beyond the original site, and if left untreated, it may invade and destroy surrounding tissues. Sometimes, cells break away from the original (primary) cancer and spread to other organs in the body via the bloodstream or lymphatic system. When these cells reach a new site they may continue to divide and form a new tumour, often referred to as “metastasis”.

Types Of Ovarian Cancer

There are various types of ovarian cancer. They are classified by the type of cell from
which the cancer originates.

  • Epithelial ovarian cancer is the most common. This type of cancer develops from one of the cells that surround the exterior of each ovary.
  • Germ cell ovarian cancer develops from germ cells (the cells that make the eggs).
  • Stromal ovarian cancer develops from connective tissue cells (the cells that fill the ovary).

Ovarian cancer of the ovary KKH

Ovarian Cancer Surgery - How to prevent?

Ovarian Cancer Surgery - Preparing for surgery

Ovarian Cancer Surgery - Post-surgery care

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