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Skin Infections

Skin Infections: Common skin infections, bacterial infections, viral infections, chickenpox and scabies | KKH

Skin Infections - What it is

Why Does Your Child Get Skin Infection?

Your child's defence system (immune system) is not fully developed till puberty and can catch infections.​

What Are The Common Skin Infections?

These are:

  • Bacterial infections producing blisters, pus or boils
  • Viral infection showing lumps called warts, molluscum contagiosum; blisters like herpes simplex, shingles and chickenpox; rashes like measles
  • Fungal infections like ringworm, candidiasis or tinea infections
  • Parasites eg. scabies

Bacterial Infections

This is usually a staphylococcal infection. Antibiotics taken orally, or applied on the skin, is given.

Viral Infections

  • A viral wart is treated by liquid nitrogen, a cold gas. You can use a corn plaster with salicylic acid
  • Molluscum contagiosum, presents as small skin coloured lumps which require treatment


Usually not a major problem, however with extensive cases, use an anti-viral drug called acyclovir for a few days.


  • This is an annoying problem caused by a mite, sarcopes. It causes itch and blisters on the hands and feet.
  • Below 1 year, use permethrin cream, beyond a year of age, Derbac (malathione 5%) is preferred.

Skin Infections - Symptoms

Skin Infections - How to prevent?

Skin Infections - Causes and Risk Factors

Skin Infections - Diagnosis

Skin Infections - Treatments

Skin Infections - Preparing for surgery

Skin Infections - Post-surgery care

Skin Infections - Other Information

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