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You Can Help Prevent Falls

You Can Help Prevent Falls - What it is

Falls may occur during hospitalisation and the consequences can be serious. It can result in injuries such as bruises, bleeding and even fractures.

You may be at risk of falls due to:
  • Recent illness, undergone surgery or procedure
  • Dizziness or giddiness
  • Drowsiness caused by medication
  • Poor fitting footwear
  • Urgency to go to the toilet
  • Unfamiliar environment

You Can Help Prevent Falls - Symptoms

You Can Help Prevent Falls - How to prevent?

Safety tips
All patients are at risk of falls. Here are some ways you can help to reduce the risk of falling.
  • Bathroom or toilet: If you are feeling unwell, sit down and hold on to the grab bar. Activate the call bell and wait for assistance.

  • Wet floor: Avoid walking on wet floor and any area where a wet floor signage is being placed.

  • Proper footwear: Wear comfortable and fitting footwear.

  • Before getting off the bed:
    - If the light is dim, switch on the overhead lights.
    - Raise the head position of the bed before sitting up.
    - Sit on the bed for a minute before standing up.
    - Ensure the height of the bed is at the lowest before getting off.
    - Regain your balance before you start to walk.

  • Nurse call: If you require assistance, activate the call bell and wait for help to arrive.

  • Bed rails: Call for a nurse to put down the bed rails. Do not attempt to climb over the bed rails. The upper bed rails can also be used for support when getting off the bed.

Your safety is our concern. Together, we can help prevent falls.

You Can Help Prevent Falls - Causes and Risk Factors

You Can Help Prevent Falls - Diagnosis

You Can Help Prevent Falls - Treatments

You Can Help Prevent Falls - Preparing for surgery

You Can Help Prevent Falls - Post-surgery care

You Can Help Prevent Falls - Other Information

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