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Financial Counselling Online

Before admission, our staff at the Admissions office will provide you with an estimated hospital bill size for your surgery and hospitalisation. This is to enable you to make an informed choice of the room type based on your preference and budget.

Please be informed that the estimated hospital bill size may differ depending on your actual assessed condition during your hospital stay.


The Admission Buddy portal will answer how your hospital admission and treatment/ procedure can be paid for, and allows you to pay for the initial deposit directly through Nets or Credit Cards.

Important Notes before your admission

  1. For subsidised class bill estimates, the GST component will be absorbed by the hospital. For non-subsidised class bill estimates, the amount shown is inclusive of GST component.

  2. Should your surgical operation/procedures be cancelled, all charges incurred eg. test, x-rays, investigations, accommodation etc., remain chargeable. If it does not fulfil the criteria for Medisave usage, the full bill will be payable.

  3. If your actual length of stay is less than the estimated number of days counselled, your Medisave deduction amount may be lower than counselled.

  4. Actual ward class assigned will be subject to bed availability upon admission.

  5. Please note that after office hours, additional charges apply for diagnostic/interventional procedures (E.g. X-Ray, MRI, CT scans).

  6. Payments

    1. An initial payment based on the estimated bill size is required before admission.

    2. You will be requested to top-up your payment when your interim hospitalisation bill exceeds the initial payment. The hospital reserves the right to take appropriate actions to transfer the patients from a private class ward to subsidised class ward when the initial payment requirement is not met and/or top-up fees are not paid in line with the cost of ongoing medical treatment.

  7. Discharge Time

    Only breakfast will be served on the day of discharge.

  8. Stay in ICU/HD/SDU Ward

    1. All patients receiving ICU/HD/SDU level care may be cohorted in shared facilities to benefit from optimal medical management.

    2. Overnight accommodation is not allowed in ICU/HD/SDU wards.

    3. Charges incurred in ICU/HD/SDU ward will follow your ward class.

  9. Use of Medisave

    1. There is a separate withdrawal limit for Surgical Operation(s)

    2. Medisave deduction can be used for inpatient psychiatric treatment, subject to SGD$150 daily up to a maximum of SGD$5,000 per year

    3. The Medisave withdrawal limits for MMP are as follows: SGD$2,150 for Caesarean delivery or SGD$750 for vaginal delivery, SGD$550 per day for the first two days and SGD$400 per day from the third day onwards for the daily hospital charges, and SGD$900 for pre-delivery expenses.

    4. For reversal of ligation, patient can opt to utilise her own or her spouse' Medisave for payment (subject to withdrawal limits)

    5. Use of Medisave for Non-Immediate Family Members' (NIM) hospitalisation is allowed and subject to meeting the following criterias:

      1. Patient is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
      2. Patient stays in B2 or C class ward
      3. Patient does not have or has utilised all his / her Medisave
      4. Immediate Family members' Medisave have been fully utilised

  10. The Electronic Letter of Guarantee (LOG) generated by the hospital for Healthshield policies, is not a guarantee of payment. The finalised tax invoice will be sent to the insurer for their final assessment and the payment for the hospital bill will be determined by them.

  11. Cancelled Admission Charges

    1. If patients are deemed unfit for procedure/surgery by the doctor after admission to the ward, full day Ward charge plus Daily Treatment Fee and charges for any procedure, test, services performed or ordered will be billed to patient accordingly. If the bill does not meet the criteria for Medisave usage, the full bill will be payable.

    2. For patients who wish to be discharged Against Medical Advice (AMA) within eight hours of admission, a cancellation fee will be imposed. Also, any procedures, tests, services performed or ordered before the decision is taken, will be billed to the patient accordingly. Medisave can only be claimed if the stay is longer than 8 hours.

  12. Interim Billing

    1. Interim bills can be obtained by submitting your request here.

    2. If the interim bill size exceeds the estimated MediSave withdrawal limits and initial payment made, further cash payment may be required.

  13. Refunds

    1. Our hospital practice is to use refund to offset other outstanding bills due by patient first. Should there be any balance after the offset, it will be refunded by cheque.

    2. The time frame to process refunds is 21 working days from the final billing date. Our refund will be made through cheque(s) regardless of the previous payment mode.

      The refund cheque will be sent by post in due course. For queries about refund(s), please complete the form provided here.

    3. Refund for cases under Letter of Guarantee (LOG) or Hospital Identification Card (HIC) will only be made upon payment received in accordance to the medical coverage/entitlement by the insurance company/employer.

  14. Minimum choice of ward for patients under paediatric oncology is as follows:

    1. B2 for all standard cases of admission.

    2. C Class conditional to the patient having passed a downgrading test at the MSW department (Medical Social Worker). The approved downgrading form must be produced upon admission.

For details about various healthcare financing schemes and subsidies available in Singapore, please visit MOH Healthcare Schemes & Subsidies.