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Estimated Delivery Bill Calculator

Pregnancy is one of life's greatest joys and we are glad that you have considered and are keen to deliver your baby at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

This Estimated Delivery Bill Calculator serves as a guide to help you make an informed decision. The actual bill size may vary depending on your medical condition, type of treatment and length of stay.


  • For Normal Delivery, please select 2 days "Length of Stay"
  • For Caesarean Delivery, please select 3 days "Length of Stay"
Preferred choice of delivery
Residential status
Length of stay
Preferred choice of Ward Type
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  1. The amount shown is an estimated bill size. For patient(s) who are Singapore Citizens/Singapore Permanent Resident and opt for subsidised* (Ward Type B2 or C), the estimate is based on maximum subsidy and may vary depending on patient’s eligibility. As such, the estimated figure may not be identical to the actual bill size.
  2. The estimated bill size includes the delivery charges, doctor’s fee and standard procedure(s). Actual bill may differ as a result of your prevailing medical condition and actual services consumed.
  3. Medisave withdrawal limits for Medisave Maternity Package (MMP) are as follows:
    • $2,150 for Caesarean delivery
    • $750 for Vaginal delivery
    • $550 per day for the first two days and $400 per day from the third day onwards
    • $900 for pre-delivery expenses
  4. The Medisave claimable can only be withdrawn with sufficient balance in your Medisave account.
  5. For a list of KKH O&G specialists, please click here.
  6. To find out the room types available, please click here.
  7. For a comprehensive list of Women's Services available in KKH, please click here.
  8. To make an appointment for consultation with our Specialist, please call +65 6294 4050.

*Subsidised patients will receive team-based care led by an assigned specialist and will not be able to specify a doctor for delivery.