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MediSave, MediShield Life and Integrated Shield Plan

Medical Claim Authorisation Forms

The Ministry of Health has introduced two Medical Claims Authorisation Forms (MCAF).

  1. MCAF (Single)
    MCAF(S) allows you to decide and provide limited consent on the utilisation of your MediSave for (outpatient treatment). MCAF(S) is only applicable for one admission (for Inpatient treatment e.g. pediatric patient).You can choose to limit the type of schemes and/or the period which you would like to authorise for MediSave to be used. Complete the MCAF(S) form and submit it here. It is recommended to download Adobe Acrobat here to view and fill the form.

  2. Steps on how to fill up the MCAF(S) form:

  3. MCAF (Multiple)
    MCAF(M) allows you to grant full consent to use your MediSave at all MediSave accredited healthcare institutions. MCAF(M) provides ease as you simply need to sign once, for life, unless revoked.

    For consent to be submitted via HealthHub:
    1. The applicant granting consent has to be aged 21 and above.
    2. For person below 21 years old, the Parent and/or Legal Guardian will have to make an application on behalf of him/her directly at the participating Public Healthcare Institutions. Please refer to for a list of participating institutions.

    To give consent to submit your MCAF(M), you can give the authorisation electronically via HealthHub by clicking here.


These consents enable the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Public Healthcare Institutions to facilitate the provision and delivery of government subsidies/assistance, MediSave and MediShield Life coverage when you receive healthcare services. Your authorisation will remain valid until revoked.

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