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FAQs on KKH's Automated Visitor Management System

Information for Visitors to KKH and KKH Patients

1) Why do I need to register before I can visit or accompany a patient at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital?

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) has put in place a visitor registration system as part of the hospital’s continual efforts to enhance the safety and experience for patients. The system is easy to use, and visitors can register at the hospital, or online before arriving at the hospital.

2) Why is there a limit on the number of visitors for a patient?

At KKH, we care for patients with medical conditions who may have lowered immunity as a result of their illness. While we recognise that the presence of loved ones may aid in a patient’s recovery, it is important to minimise exposure to potential sources of infections and maintain an environment that is conducive to rest, to improve their healing and recuperation.

3) How can I register as a visitor?

If you are visiting an inpatient or accompanying an outpatient, you will be required to register yourself as a visitor. We have provided a few ways to register to make it as convenient as possible.

You can register:

  • through the Visitor Registration page on KKH’s website at (currently unavailable)
  • at the self-registration kiosks located at the visitor lift lobbies – at the Women’s Tower, Level 1 and Level 2, and the Children’s Tower, Level 1
  • at the Visitor Registration Lobby Counters, located at the Level 1 visitor lift lobbies of both the Women’s Tower and Children’s Tower at the hospital.

4) What information and documents do I need to provide to register as a visitor?

You will need the following information and documents for the registration:

a) Information about the inpatient you are visiting:

  • Patient’s first name and last name
  • Patient’s ward number
  • Patient’s bed number

b) Information about the outpatient you are accompanying:

  • Patient’s hospital registration number (e.g. NRIC/FIN/Birth Certificate Number)

c) Information about yourself and document needed to access through the gantry

  • Your identity card and number (e.g. NRIC/FIN)
  • Your full name, as in your identity card
  • Your mobile number (local number only)

5) What types of identification documents can I use for registration and the visit to the hospital?

You may use any of the following identification documents for your registration and during your visit to the hospital:

  • Identity Card (NRIC/FIN)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Student/Senior Citizen EZ-Link card
  • Employment Pass
  • S Pass
  • Work Permit
  • Long Term Visit Pass

Note: If you are carrying a foreign identity document (e.g. passport), you may go to the Visitor Registration Lobby Counters for the issuance of a one-time pass.

6) When can I visit or accompany a patient at KKH?

Visiting hours vary according to the facility and care provided to the patient. The table below provides details on the visiting hours and visitor quotas for each of the locations:

Visiting Area
Visiting Hours
Visitor Quota
​General Wards
​10.00am to 8.00pm
​Refer to revised visitor policy
​Children's Outpatient Clinics
​Respective Clinic’s
Operating Hours
1 accompanying person strongly encouraged
​Women's Outpatient Clinics
​Respective Clinic’s
Operating Hours
Come alone or with 1 accompanying person
​​Children's Emergency
​2 accompanying persons 
*Information is accurate as of 24 March 2023

7) How can I register myself as a caregiver?

You can register yourself as a caregiver by presenting your identification document to the ward clerk who will verify and enter your particulars in the KKH visitor registration system. After registering yourself as the caregiver, you would not need to register each time you are at the hospital, and would be able to visit and care for the patient outside of visiting hours.

8) What if I forget to bring my identity card on the day of the visit?

If you do not have your identification document with you, please use the self-registration kiosk or go to the Visitor Registration Lobby Counters for assistance. In such situations, a one-time pass will be generated, which can be used at the gantry to gain entry.

9) What if I do not remember or have the patient’s details?

To maintain security, please contact the patient or patient’s next-of-kin to obtain the necessary information. Alternatively, you may approach the information counter at Admissions Office (Women’s Tower, Level 1) or the Visitor Registration Lobby Counters for assistance.

10) How will I know whether the visitor quota has been met or when there is an available visiting slot?

Once the maximum number of visitors has been reached for a patient, the next visitor will not be able to pass through the gantry. The display panel at the gantry will prompt the visitor to await an SMS notification when a visiting slot becomes available. At the same time the first visitor who had registered to visit the patient will receive an SMS notification informing him/her about a visitor waiting in queue as a result of the quota being exceeded.

11) Do I need to register to access clinics that are not located within the areas requiring registration?

You do not need to register if the clinic that you are going to is not located at the ward levels, i.e. Level 2 and above.

12) Can I register from a remote location (for example, at home) before visiting the patient?

Yes, we have made it convenient for you to register remotely, using your computer or mobile device. You can visit the Visitor Registration page on our website at for more information and registration. (currently unavailable)

13) Does a child need to be registered as a visitor too?

Children are not allowed to visit during this period. 

14) Do I need to register as a visitor every time I visit the same patient in KKH?

You are required to register only once to gain access throughout the patient’s hospitalisation stay. However, your access is subject to the visiting hours and visitor quota of the area you are registered for.

15) What if I want to visit two or more patients staying at different wards?

Your access is limited to visiting a specific patient throughout his/her stay. If you wish to visit another patient in a different ward, you can go to the Visitor Registration Lobby Counters.

16) How can I, as a registered visitor, access the restricted wards (including the intensive care units)?

You can access the restricted wards (Children’s Intensive Care Unit, Children’s Step Down Unit, Women’s Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Special Care Nursery, Wards 65, 76) from Children’s Tower, Level 1 using Visitor Lifts (VL) 8, 9 or 10.

17) Can a patient have more than one person registered as Caregiver?

Only one person can be nominated and registered as Caregiver.

18) Does a patient need to register to gain access to the ward?

Patients do not need to register during the period of their hospital stay or on days of scheduled appointment(s) at our outpatient clinics. If you are an inpatient, you will be able to scan the patient identification tag on your wrist to enter. If you are an outpatient, you can scan your appointment card to gain entry at the gantry.

19) If I am too early or late for a scheduled appointment in the clinic, located at ward level, will I be able to enter?

As long as the appointment is scheduled on the day of your visit, you will be able to gain entry at the gantry.

20) I am an outpatient and have forgotten to bring along my appointment card. Will I be able to enter?

If you have an appointment at our outpatient clinic on the day of your visit, you will be able to use your identity card (NRIC/FIN), birth certificate, senior citizen or student EZ-Link card to gain entry at the gantry.

If you do not have any of the above listed identification documents, you will need to register at the self-registration kiosk and will be issued a one-time pass for your visit.

21) Do I need to register for a walk-in appointment at the hospital?

As walk-in appointments are not scheduled beforehand, both you and your accompanying visitor will have to approach the Visitor Registration Lobby Counters for assistance.