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Dr Tan Qing Ting

Dr Tan Qing Ting

FAM, FRCS (Edinburgh), MMed (Surgery), MRCS (Edinburgh), MBBS (Spore)

Senior Consultant

KK Women's and Children's Hospital

Specialty: Breast Surgery

Clinical Interest: Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Conditions Treated by this Doctor:
Atypical Hyperplasia, Benign Breast Change and Symptoms, Benign Breast Diseases, Benign Breast Neoplasms, Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer - Early Detection and Screening, Breast Cancer (Breast Health), Breast Cancer (Diagnosis to Treatment), Breast Infection, Breast Lumps, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Screening – Self-Exam and Mammogram, Breast Surgery, Duct Ectasia, Early and Advanced Breast Cancer, Fibroadenoma, Fibrocystic Change, Hereditary Breast Cancer Syndromes, High Risk Breast Changes, Intraductal Papillomas, Lobular Carcinoma in Situ, Malignant and Benign Breast Conditions, Mastitis, Phyllodes Tumour.

Clinical Appointments

  • Senior Consultant KK Breast Centre KK Women's and Children's HospitalKK Women's and Children's Hospital
  • Senior Consultant SingHealth Duke-NUS Breast Centre
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School


Dr Tan Qing Ting is a senior consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon at the Breast Department of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Clinical Assistant Professor at Duke-NUS Medical School. She obtained her undergraduate medical degree from the National University of Singapore and upon completing her advanced surgical training in Singapore General Hospital and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, received a fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons. Under the Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) awarded by the Ministry of Health, she led a team to undergo specialised training at the Nottingham Breast Institute, a centre renowned for pioneering and advancing techniques in oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery. This has enabled her to expand her repertoire and provide a wide range of treatment options for her patients.

Dr Tan has published and presented on various topics related to her specialty interest of benign and malignant breast diseases. Her on-going research looks into the unique challenges of pregnancy-associated breast cancer, cancer in young women and granulomatous mastitis. An advocate of public education, she has given several community talks to raise breast cancer awareness in both English and Mandarin.

Dr Tan has received multiple service quality awards for her commitment to providing the best for every patient. She continues to develop her interests in advanced, minimally invasive and novel techniques in breast cancer surgery.


  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh)
  • Master of Medicine Surgery (Singapore)
  • Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh)
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Singapore)

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School
  • Clinical Lecturer, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
  • Division of Surgery Representative, KKH Consent Committee
  • Fellow, Academy of Medicine Singapore
  • Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh


  • Singapore Health Service Quality Star Award 2023
  • Singapore Health Service Quality Gold Award 2022
  • Singapore Health Quality Service Star Award 2020
  • Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) 2019
  • Singapore Health Quality Service Gold Award 2019
  • Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2018
  • SingHealth Long Service Award (10 years)
  • KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital Long Service Award (10 years)
  • Service From The Heart 2017
  • Best House Officer (KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital) 2007

Research Interests


  • Pregnancy-associated breast cancer: A multicenter study comparing clinicopathological factors, diagnosis and treatment outcomes with non-pregnant patients.
    Tan QT, VS Alcantara, R Sultana, KW Loh, AL Go, Wong FY
    Breast Cancer Research and Treatment (2023) Feb;198(1):53-66.
  • 16S rRNA sequencing for profiling microbial communities in idiopathic granulomatous mastitis.
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    International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2023) 24(2), 1042
  • Axillary management of breast cancer patients with isolated chest wall recurrence after mastectomy.
    Lim GH, VS Alcantara, Ng RP, MMW Thein, Tan QT, Lim SH, Yan Z
    Annals of Translational Medicine (2023) Mar 31;11(6):240
  • Patterns of breast cancer second recurrences in patients after mastectomy.
    Lim GH, VS Alcantara, Ng RP, Ng R, Allen JC, Htein MMW, Lim SH, Yan Z, Tan QT
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  • A case of fibroadenoma with lobular carcinoma in situ and microinvasion in a young woman.
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  • DNA methylation and breast cancer-associated variants.
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    Breast Cancer Research and Treatment (2021) Aug;188(3):713-727
  • The clinical significance of oestrogen receptor expression in ductal carcinoma in situ. Miligy IM, Toss MS, Shiino S, Oni G, Syed BM, Khout H, Tan QT, Green AR, Macmillan RD, Robertson JFR, Rakha EA. British Journal of Cancer (2020) 123(10):1513-1 520
  • Granulomatous mastitis and factors associated with recurrence: an 11-year single centre study of 113 patients in Singapore. Tan QT, Tay SP, Gudi MA, Nadkarni NV, Lim SH, Chuwa EWL. World Journal of Surgery (2019) 43(7):1737-1745
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  • A case of small bowel metastasis from spinal Ewing sarcoma causing intussusception in an adult female. Tan QT, Teo JY, Ahmed SS, Chung AY. World Journal of Surgical Oncology (2016) 14:109.
  • Low-grade adenosquamous carcinoma of the breast: A diagnostic and clinical challenge. Tan QT, Chuwa EW, Chew SH, Lim-Tan SK, Lim SH. International Journal of Surgery 2015 May 15;19:22-26.
  • Schwannoma: An unexpected diagnosis from a breast lump. Tan QT, Chuwa EWL, Chew SH, Hong GS. Journal of Surgical Case Reports 2014;9

Research Trials

  • Internal Mammary Lymph Node Metastasis in Breast Cancer Patients – KKH Health Fund Research Grant