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About KK Research Centre

As an Academic Medical Centre, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital believes that world-class clinical training and research are imperative in raising the standard of care. Hence, the Hospital has adopted a culture of innovation as it achieves world-class clinical leadership. At KK Research Centre, we aim to be a one-stop centre dedicated to assist and support our researchers in their pursuit of excellence in research and discovery.

Our Mission

To establish and maintain a vibrant research culture in KK Women's and Children's Hospital, hence, contributing to the generation of innovations that can be translated into value-added services for our patients.

Our Vision

A hospital where new knowledge that is generated by research is systematically translated into solving clinical problems; and the outcomes of research form the basis of sound clinical practices and policies.

Our Work

Our teams at KK Research Centre work synergistically under a one-stop service centre concept to ensure optimal coordination, maximum cost-effectiveness and, more importantly, an efficient, seamless experience for our KKH researchers. We provide a wide spectrum of comprehensive pre- and post-award research support services through the Research Strategic Support Unit and the Research Execution Support Unit, respectively. The Finance Academic Medicine (Fin-AM) works closely with KKRC and forms part of this one-stop service centre.

The Research Strategic Support (RSS) unit provides targeted support services for identified research talents and outreach to young clinicians to help grow the research interests in KKH. Other strategic pre-study support services provided by RSS include ethical approval submissions, grant management, regulatory compliance, contract negotiations and study budget development (with Fin-AM colleagues).

Embedded within KKRC and working in close partnership with RSS and Fin-AM is the Research Execution Support (RES) unit which employs a pool of highly competent Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs). These CRCs are all GCP certified and capable of supporting complex interventional clinical trials. The RES also support the hospital research quality effort through conducting regular audits and training sessions for CRCs.

KKRC also maintained additional bench space which serves to facilitate strategic research work in KKH. The Medical Library with research referencing and literature is also under the management of KKRC.

Financial Management of Projects

We work closely with our Fin-AM counterparts in:

  • Assisting researchers in projecting trial budgets and negotiating with external sponsors
  • Facilitating the fruition of clinical trial agreements between sponsors and investigators
  • Liaison with Finance and Business Office in the management of research funds and monies

KK Research Centre Leadership

Designation Name
Research DirectorProf Jerry Chan
Deputy Director (Scientific)Dr Amos Loh Hong Pheng
Director (Administration)Mr Sonny Lim
Principal InvestigatorDr Tan Ene Choo