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Teleconsultation at KKH

Telemedicine at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital connects patients with their doctor or healthcare professional via digital means, enabling patients to receive convenient and accessible healthcare wherever they are.

Using a digital device, such as a computer or smartphone, patients with select conditions are able to have a private and comprehensive teleconsultation with their KKH doctor or healthcare professional, to receive support and guidance without having to physically visit the hospital.

Benefits of teleconsultation:

  • Conducted via a safe and secure e-platform
  • Compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act
  • Equivalent thoroughness of pre-consultation preparation
  • As private and comprehensive as a physical consultation
  • In line with safe distancing measures
  • Effective in saving travel time and transportation costs
  • Increased convenience for patients who have difficulty with mobility or transport
  • Family members can join in the session, at the patient’s request, to learn how to support them in their recovery.

For enquiries related to teleconsultation, please contact your attending KKH doctor or healthcare professional. Please note that medical eligibility criteria apply.