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Frequently Asked Questions on Teleconsultation

1. Who is eligible for Teleconsultation service?

  • Only suitable patients on follow-up consultations may be consulted via Teleconsultation, based on the Healthcare Professional’s clinical assessment of the patient.
  • The patient may choose to visit the clinic physically if Teleconsultation is not preferred.
  • Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents, Singapore Work Visa holders, and Foreign Citizens residing in Singapore are eligible for Teleconsultation services. Varying charges and subsidy rates may apply.

2. Can I use the Teleconsultation service if I am in another country?

Overseas patients, including Singaporeans abroad, who would like to enquire about Teleconsultation can contact our Patient Liaison Service via email at

3. What medical conditions are approved for Teleconsultation?

Follow-up consultation for suitable conditions only. Final recommendations will be based on the Healthcare Professional’s assessment.

4. What kind of conditions are not suitable for Teleconsultation?

Emergency conditions, for which a patient should go to an Emergency Department instead. Acute conditions in children (e.g. chest pain, trauma, shortness of breath) and women (e.g. abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding in pregnancy) are not suitable for Teleconsultations. Please seek urgent consultations at your nearest doctor, or the Children's Emergency or women's Urgent O&G Centre (UOGC) at KKH.

5. What are the service timings for Teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation is by appointment during clinic hours only. Please contact your Healthcare Professional or clinic to arrange for your Teleconsultation.

6. What do I need to proceed with the Teleconsultation?

  • Be recommended, or request for, a follow-up Teleconsultation from the Healthcare Professional
  • Receive an email confirmation of the Teleconsultation date, details, terms and conditions, and patient consent form, if applicable
  • Submit the necessary documents before the appointment, if applicable
  • Receive the SMS reminder a day before the appointment
  • Prepare a computer/device with internet access for the video consultation, or a phone for phone consultation.
  • A quiet and conducive environment to undergo the Teleconsultation
  • On the day of Teleconsultation, all children and adolescents should be accompanied by their parents/legal guardian
  • The Patient Support Assistant (PSA) or Healthcare Professional will ascertain these before the Teleconsultation begins:
    i) The patient’s and caregiver’s photo identification (to be shown at the beginning of the consultation)
    ii) Understanding of the terms and conditions of using video consultation
    iii) The address where you are performing the consultation, and a contact for next-of-kin should an emergency medical situation occur during the Teleconsultation

7. Who can attend the Teleconsultation with the patient?

If the patient is a child, at least 1 parent or legal guardian must attend the Teleconsultation together, either from the same location as the patient or remotely. Adult patients can attend the Teleconsultation on their own but is encouraged to have an accompanying caregiver or family member.

From the hospital, the main Healthcare Professional may attend the consultation with another clinical professional. As an Academic Medical Centre, a clinical trainee may be in attendance, with your permission.

8. What happens if the video call disconnects during the Teleconsultation?

You will be able to resume the Teleconsultation using the same link.

9. How safe is the Teleconsultation?

Every Teleconsultation uses end-to-end encryption, and is protected based on banking industry standards and proven technologies. Patients’ personal details are also not stored when a Teleconsultation is scheduled, thus ensuring a safe and secure platform for use.
(IHIS Smart Health Video Consultation website, 2020)

10. Can I obtain doctor’s referral letters during Teleconsultations?

Yes. Please check with your attending Healthcare Professional.

11. Can doctors issue medical certificates via Teleconsultation?

Yes. Please request for one during the Teleconsultation. A digital MC will be issued after completing the Teleconsultation.

12. What will happen after my Teleconsultation with the Healthcare Professional?

Once your Teleconsultation is completed, the Patient Support Assistant (PSA) will arrange for medication delivery and counselling, further follow-up tests, medical certificates and billing. These will be communicated to you via email and SMS. For enquiries, you may contact the PSA via the email address which was used to arrange the Teleconsultation with you.

13. How do I collect my medication after the video consultation?

Medication will be delivered at your specified address within 7 days of completing your video consultation. There is currently no charge for the medication delivery service. You can also choose to collect your medication from KKH Outpatient Pharmacy.

14. What are the medication delivery hours?

You will receive your medication within 7 working days. For more details, visit

15. Which areas do you deliver medication to?

Delivery is only within mainland Singapore.

16. What is the exchange or refund policy?

All items or services provided are not exchangeable nor refundable.

17. What are the charges for Teleconsultation?

The Teleconsultation charges are similar to charges for normal clinic/in-person consultation. For details, please enquire with the Patient Support Assistant managing your clinic visits/Teleconsultations.

18. How do I make payment for the telehealth consultation service?

The patient/ caregiver will receive an SMS on the amount due at 8.00pm the same day. Payment can be made via various modes at

For overseas patients, payment has to be made via Flywire prior to the Teleconsultation.

19. Can I claim for Teleconsultation under MediSave, MediShield, MediFund or private insurance plans?

Please enquire with the Patient Support Assistant (PSA) managing your clinic visits/Teleconsultations.