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Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging

Needle crystal Technology

KKH is the first hospital in South East Asia to introduce the Needle crystal Technology of image capture for our X-rays of babies, doubling the spatial resolution (see structures much more clearly) whilst halving the radiation dose to these very sensitive patients.

Breast Imaging Unit

KKH is the first hospital in South East Asia to have a “one-stop shop” Breast Centre that includes a Breast Imaging Unit. The Breast Imaging Unit was the first in Singapore to have entirely digital mammography using the double sided computed radiographic plate system. KKH is also the first hospital in the World to have this linked to a Computer Aided Detection system to improve detection rates.

64-Slice CT

KKH is the first paediatric hospital in the world and the first restructured hospital in Singapore to install the 64 multi-slice scanner, the latest in computed tomography (CT) technology.

Compared to previous scanners, the new scanner uses a lower dose of radiation for most examinations. Even so, it can image most organs in less than 10 seconds, with higher image quality and clearer anatomical visualisation.

With the fast scan time, the need to sedate patients, especially children, has been reduced by 66%. Where sedation is necessary, only a low dosage is required, greatly increasing patient safety, comfort and cost.

The higher resolution helps doctors in their diagnoses; the fast turnaround time can also lead to quicker intervention.

The fast speed and imaging capability of the CT scanner has enabled us, for the first time in Asia, to view congenital heart disease using 64-slice technology, which gives the best resolution for babies with complex congenital heart disease.