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COVID-19 Care Resources

Resources ​Download
​Hospital pack list for patients admitted to isolation room ​PDF 130kb
​My Name is Coronavirus – by Manuela Molina Cruz PDF 1.5mb
​FACE COVID – by Dr Russ Harris PDF 500kb
​Coping Calendar PDF 1.9mb

​Special Care Kit – Resources to support special needs individuals for COVID-19


  • General
  • Caregivers
  • Individual / Daily Management
  • Hospital / Isolation Facilities
  • PHPC

PDF 2.3mb
PDF 1.1mb
PDF 950kb
PDF 1.4mb
PDF 1.1mb

​My Visit to the Emergency Department – From the Perspective of a Child Watch Video
​Schedule Board (template) DOC 56kb
(document needs to be saved prior to opening)
​Activity Flyer - Engage and Relax Through Games, Stories, Music and more...!PDF 400kb
​Tips for Parents of Preschoolers:
  • Coping with the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Keeping our children meaningfully occupied during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Preventing and managing misbehaviour
PDF 700kb
​Helping children and teenagers better cope with COVID-19Link
​Wagga Learns About COVID-19 – by Department of Child Development, KKH ​PDF 6mb
​Wagga Stays At Home – by Department of Child Development, KKHPDF 9mb