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GIVE Campaign

KKH Health Fund GIVE (KKHHF) Campaign
The KKHHF GIVE Campaign  is part of the KKH Health Fund and hopes to inspire individuals, corporates and schools to give in support of the KKHHF.  Launched in 2013, the GIVE Campaign is an on-going campaign to recognise and appreciate donors who identify with our cause. The GIVE Campaign comprises three different avenues for donors to give through – I GIVE, We GIVE and Grateful Patients & Families GIVE.

In appreciation of gifts to the KKHHF, different GIVE collateral like badges, decals and drinkware are gifted as tokens of appreciation to donors. GIVE cheque presentations and certificates are also sometimes done as a form of recognition to donors whose support we rely on.  We hope that this will also act as a form of encouragement to inspire others to come alongside the giving journey.

Our goal of the GIVE Campaign is to recognise a committed group of GIVE supporters who identify with the cause and dedicate themselves through philanthropy and volunteerism to support KKH's advancement and care for women and children in Singapore.

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