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Helping our Patients

At KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), we believe that every woman and child deserves good health and that no child should be robbed of their childhood because of ill health. As the leading women’s and children’s hospital in Singapore, KKH attends to many patients with high-risk conditions and sees the most critically ill women and children come through the doors of KKH.

Every year, the hospital sees a significant number of patients who are unable to afford their medical needs (medical expenses, medical consumables and/or equipment). These individuals, just like you and me, want to live lives free from health problems or financial burdens. Unfortunately, they suffer from a range of conditions. These may include chronic illnesses, cancer, gynaecological conditions and medically complex pregnancies. Often, these individuals together with their loved ones, are furthermore burdened with the heavy financial costs of their medical needs.

About the KKH Health Fund:

The KKH Health Fund (KKHHF) raises funds to help women and children patients who often have exhausted all other sources of financial aid and are in need of financial assistance for their medical needs. By reducing the financial burden of their medical expenses, these patients can better focus on recovering. Annually, the KKHHF assist an average of a few hundred patients and their families in need of financial assistance for their medical expenses.  Examples of medical expenses come in various forms, ranging from special diet for a premature baby to an oxygen re-fill for a patient suffering from chronic lung disease or muscular degenerating conditions.

Besides raising funds to help patients in need, the KKHHF also supports research and education programmes targeted at improving women's and children's health. The outcome from one such research programme allowed the hospital to implement a faster and more cost-effective screening for Thalassaemia, a genetic blood disorder. This resulted in early detection and treatment of the disease, thus preventing it from causing more severe harm to our paediatric patients.

Philanthropy makes an immeasurable difference in the lives of our patients

Imagine the relief of a mother who hears that she now has the needed funding to pay for her child's injections. Your gift touches the life of another by promising strength and optimism to press on through seemingly insurmountable situations. So many lives of our patients in need together with their loved ones are filled with gratitude for the Hope you give annually.

If you would like to know more about the lives that have been impacted, click here.

KKHHF Sub-funds

There are many different programmes  that you can support through the KKHHF, click here to find out more.

Partner us in this life-saving cause and make a tax-deductible gift today -
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Note: All eligible donations made from now until 31 December 2026 will enjoy a tax deduction of 2.5 times the donation value. For more information, please refer to

Tax deduction is given for donations made in the preceding year. To qualify for tax deduction for the current Year of Assessment, all donations via cheque and cash must be received for processing by 20 December 2024  and donations via credit card must be received for processing by 27 December 2024. Thank you for your understanding.

Kindly note that all donations will go to the General Fund (for needy patients, research and education) unless stated otherwise by the donor.