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KK Regional Outreach to Kids Fund

Turning hope into reality...
Set up by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in 2002, the KK Regional Outreach to Kids Fund supports financially disadvantaged children from the region to undergo surgeries. Typically, these are elective surgeries that require a high level of expertise that is not available in the children’s home countries, and are able to provide the children with a normal life post-surgery.

Our beneficiaries are referrals from overseas doctors, local community groups or Samaritans as well as through regional medical trips made by KKH’s doctors and nurses.

Since its inception, the Fund has helped closed to 100 children from Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Myanmar and Malaysia. Most of them underwent corrective surgery for complex heart conditions or malformation to the face such as fronto-encephalocele. The Fund has made a difference by giving these children a new lease of life.

Our doctors waive their surgical fees and we try our best to meet the needs of the accompanying family members as well.

Our beneficiaries
Win Moe Kyaw, a six-year old boy from Myanmar, is one of the underprivileged children from the region who benefitted from the KKROK programme. Moe Kyaw was born with Tessier Cleft – a severe malformation of the face (two long deep clefts) that also caused him to be blind. Moe Kyaw’s father is a farmer who earns less than US$1 a day.

Through the support of KKROK, Moe Kyaw was able to come to Singapore in January 2011 to receive reconstructive surgery to rebuild his mouth and lips. The surgery was a success and Moe Kyaw is now able to eat and articulate his speech properly, and have a chance at a relatively normal life. He has since returned to Myanmar in February 2011.

Life-changing surgical intervention

Making a donation

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