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COVID-19 Vaccination for KKH Patients

Singapore is accelerating the pace in our national COVID-19 vaccination programme to extend vaccination to more segments of the population. As shared by MOH on 16 March 2021, earlier vaccination for patients with chronic medical conditions will be offered at hospitals and clinics, as these patients are more vulnerable to severe complications if they were to fall ill with COVID-19.

To support the national effort, KKH will be offering vaccination to pregnant women and patients aged 12 and above with chronic medical conditions on follow-up at our specialist outpatient clinics, if they are medically eligible and have not received vaccination. COVID-19 vaccination at KKH is for the hospital’s patients only.


View the e-brochure on "What pregnant and breastfeeding women should know about the COVID-19 vaccines!"

If the patient fits the enrolment criteria for vaccination in KKH, our doctors will discuss with the patients at their next outpatient clinic consultation.

Patients do not need to contact KKH to make a separate appointment.

KKH patients who are enrolled to receive vaccination in KKH will receive both doses of the COVID-19 (Pfizer-BioNtech/Comirnaty) vaccine in KKH.

Information accurate as at 1 July 2021