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Women’s Health & Wellness Centre

Contact Information

The Women’s Health & Wellness Centre (WHWC) is dedicated to providing a spectrum of healthcare services for women at all stages of their lives. These services include:

The well-being of women is at the core of all our services. We believe that women should be empowered to make decisions pertaining to their sexual and reproductive choices.

We also believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to live a life free from domestic and sexual violence, and the right to access sexual health services to aid their well-being.

Our centre aims to provide comprehensive and confidential sexual health services which can be accessed under one roof. We also aim to alleviate the fear and stigmatisation that women may face for sexual health issues by providing respectful and holistic care in a supportive manner.

All our services are run by specialised doctors who provide patient centred advice, and manage and treat all consultations with strict confidentiality. By having an appointment-based system, WHWC ensures the efficient provision of services to our patients.

Referral criteria:

Contraimplant Clinic, Multi-Disciplinary Vulval Clinic and KK Menopause Centre:

  • Internal referrals within KKH
  • Referrals from GPs and polyclinics
  • Self-referrals

Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic and Sexual Health Clinic:

  • Internal referrals within KKH and from SGH

Please kindly click on the respective services for more information and appointment details.


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