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Healthy Early Life Moments in Singapore (HELMS)

Want a healthier pregnancy but don't know how?

Join Healthy Early Life Moments in Singapore (HELMS)!


The HELMS programme, a research study initiated by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, aims to optimise women’s metabolic health and mental wellness to

  • Improve fertility
  • Lower the risk of developing hypertension and diabetes
  • Lower the risk of delivering prematurely
  • Promote child’s healthy growth

It is designed to provide care to women before, during and after pregnancy as well as incorporate a maternal-child care plan during the first 18 months of new life.

HELMS Programme at a Glance

Through this care model, we want to help women get prepared for a healthy pregnancy and give the best start for their baby!

Interested in participating or finding out more? Click here!


HELMS webinars

We have created a series of practice-oriented webinars for healthcare professionals to improve and optimise our nation's maternal and child health. Healthcare professionals can click here to find out more:

HELMS Webinars

HELMS is a research study that is led by Prof Jerry Chan, Clin. A/Prof Sadhana Nadarajah, Dr Shephali Tagore, Clin. Prof Fabian Yap, and Clin. A/Prof Chua Mei Chien, supported by KKH Health Services Model of Care Transformation Fund (MoCTF) and Lien Foundation.